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Forum rules (19. Sep 2020, 18:37)

0. Use of the rules

These rules are made for guaranteeing an unproblematic stay at the forums - for the users and the staff. Every user (and moderator) is meant to keep the rules in mind and respect them. These rules count for guests as well.

I. General

§ 1. No spamming

§ 2. No flaming

§ 3. No advertising

§ 4. No links to illegal or pirated software. No discussion about them.

§ 5. No pornographical contents in posts (like pictures or advertisements)

§ 6. No revealing of secrets relating to the game: Survival

§ 6.1. You are allowed to talk about secrets in the "Secrets"-forum. (automatically accessable with a specific amount of posts)

§ 7. No writting any codes of survival in your posts

§ 8. No revealing of the code-mechanics of the game: Survival

§ 9. No opening of race based topics (like only for ger, pol, arabic)

§ 9.1 The rule 9 is not active, if a moderator or the admin permitted this action. So you need to ask before opening.

§ 10. The official language in this forum is English. Unless you PM someone privately, please remain on the english language.

§ 11. You are allowed to post polls in the polls forum, however all rules need to be kept.

§ 12. No necroposting

§ 12.1 Necroposting is allowed in the "Other" category and it's forums/sub-forums

§ 13. This forum is a polite forum. Please keep that in mind and don't write anything insulting (or racistic) in here.

§ 14. Doubleposting is not allowed.

§ 14.1 Moderators may speak out exceptions for their forums.

§ 15. Rules that stand in specific forums count as supplements. You need to respect them as well.


II. Technical

§ 1. You are allowed to have one image in your signature

§ 1.1 The size of the signature is allowed to have a maximum of 600x300 pixel.

§ 1.2 If the size is above, contact the staff and it will be decided in an individual case

§ 2. You are allowed to post programs/files, that are HELPING the Survival-staff and production. Any codegen or something like that, will be deleted and the User will be banned immediately

§ 2.1 Programs/files, that help, are: replay files to find bugs, replay files for Off-Topic and screenshots for both of the beforementioned purposes

§ 3. You are allowed to have one avatar, as long as it doesn't violate the rules and is below the board maximum of 120x120 pixel.


Salavatorian clause

Should, by any case, one of the abovementioned rules lose it's power, all other rules still remain active.


Thank you for reading the rules. Now follow them.


We hope, you have a pleasent stay at the forums,

The Staff

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