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 Post subject: [Healer] 102 - After the Basics
PostPosted: 10. Jul 2011, 12:59 

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For any player, the ideal is to be below maximum mana, all the time.
This means although you're trying to get mana as fast as possible (without being an item hog and taking stuff away from others that also need it), that you're spamming your abilities so hard, you just keep running dry on mana.

After you pick up the basics of healer, you can think about improving your game.

This guide is split into three parts; the basic "102" course, and two more sections; one for if you think you have a strong team that will work together, and another for if you have a bunch of new players that you're worried about.

[Healer] 102 - After the Basics: Don’t Be A Healer On World 1 Earth! The Role Of A Healer. Healer Abilities. Mana Management. Speed and Hotkeys. Vision and Vigilance. Working With Others. Healing World By World. Choosing Knowledge. Going Marine, Templar, or Chaos Knight. How Many Healers Per Group Of Players?

Don’t Be A Healer On World 1 Earth!
On World 1 Earth, the ideal is to get everyone set up for power armor as quickly as possible. Miners can search for iron ore. Archaeologists can get early power crystals for mana and for later power armor creation. Alchemists can create purple potions for mana, and mana potions with extra power crystals. Constructors can make a herb bed for more early purple potions for mana. Healers, though, do not contribute to the early creation of power armor in any way. Their healing abilities should not be needed, even against the world 1 boss.

Healer should not be chosen as a profession at the beginning of world 1 Earth.

Healer Abilities
Healers start with a regeneration ability “Heal” that slowly heals over time for 10 mana that can be used on any allied target, whether at full hit points or not. The cooldown on “Heal” allows you to constantly use it on two targets (of course you can spread it out however you wish). At level 4, they gain Advanced Healing at 30 mana, which works instantly, but costs more mana per hit point healed, and which cannot target air units such as the World 2 Earth flying units that have had Communicate used on them. Level 6 gives them Area Healing at 50 mana, which heals all allies in range. Level 10 gives an autocasting Healing Aura ability that costs no mana that heals nearby targets. The healer cannot attack if autocasting. Level 12 gives Party Regen at 88 mana, which regenerates a lot of hit points slowly over time to all allies in range.

All abilities scale up. The Heal ability regenerates 8 hit points per healer profession level; the Advanced Healing ability heals 12 hit points per healer level, area healing increases from 30 hit points to 60 hit points at level 12 to 90 hit points at level 18, and the autocast Healing Aura heals 0.2 hit points per healer level (so it heals 2 when the ability is first gained, 2.2 at 11th level, 2.4 at 12th level, and so on). I think Party Regen also scales up.

Mana Management
Of all the professions, Healer is the one that uses mana the fastest once the profession reaches higher levels. So the Healer should ideally only start in the class once there’s some way to gain extra mana unless there’s urgent need for a healer (like on World 1 Moon).

If starting on World 1 Moon, the healer will have to use mana carefully to make sure that targets aren’t healed for no particular reason. A few low level Heals can be used on targets at near or full health; the regeneration effect will heal such targets up as they take damage. Save the Advanced Healing spell for when a target’s in real trouble. If you spam it uselessly, you won’t be able to use it when a target DOES get in to real trouble, as the cooldown will still be on. If you somehow find that you have extra mana all the time, then you can consider spamming a bit to drain your mana.

If starting on World 1 Earth, again, you should not have taken the Healing profession. If you successfully contributed to getting early mana production and a herb bed set up, then you should have purple potions and/or mana potions and gold to fuel the mana required for your Healing profession on world 2. Even if not loaded with potions, you will be level 10, which can help a Chaos Knight with its Knowledge 10 ability to give up 50 health to gain 25 mana, or any class, really, with a larger mana pool so mana can be more easily managed. If gold is very tight, you can switch to Healer after the boss goes down, then teleport to the ship to spam your healing ability a bit between worlds.

Speed and Hotkeys
Once you start needing to be a healer in earnest, you’ll find that targets often lose health horribly quickly. Marines without power armor on world 2, or any target on world 3, tend to lose health very quickly. More than any other professions, healers need to have quick reactions. Hotkeys are a big big plus. Don’t just get used to the hotkeys that heal from the healer menu; get used to switching back and forth between menus such as the Chaos Knight Knowledge menu, or the Marine Knowledge menu, and the Healing Profession menu. Healers that are also Commander need to be very careful before entering the Commander menu, as exiting it can take some extra time.

Vision and Vigilance
More than any other profession, healers need good vision range to find damaged allied targets. They also need to be looking around the map constantly, in case someone’s wandered off to pick up a nice item, or is running towards the group half-dead after having teleported in from the ship and been attacked by mass enemies, or is running away from the group because the group is getting beat up by a boss. Combined, this means the healer needs to be very vigilant, always running around and looking for targets to heal.

There are two good ways for a healer to gain great vision. Being Commander is one (although being Commander DOES mean a healer can get trapped in the Commander menu just when some player’s about to go down). Getting a Scout Tower from a Constructor is another.

Turning on the option for health bars to always show is another big plus, so you aren’t constantly keeping a finger on the button that makes health bars show.

Working With Others
You will want the entire group to stay fairly close to you so you can keep an eye on them, and so they can benefit from area healing effects. It’s usually best to tell people “Stay close to me if you want to be healed!” That way if they die on the other side of the map, they hopefully won't rage at you. :shock:

Don’t tell people to “ask for healing”. Usually if someone’s getting hurt, their first action should not be to start typing some message. They should be activating defensive abilities, drinking potions, trying to teleport to the ship to escape, spamming right click to escape, or whatever. For example, the Moon 1 boss stuns. If a player isn't spamming right click or an ability, that player is probably insta-dead. It's nice if someone can tell you they want to be healed, but that isn't always going to be possible.

So look around the map. In fact, you will often be able to tell what ally is GOING to be damaged, and get prepared to heal that target - like the chaos knight that's always taunting, or the target that's right next to the boss.

Constantly look all over the map. You never know when and where someone will teleport in from the ship.

Know how to use and where to place a Scout Tower. Don’t ever put it at the center of a map; that’s the spot that’s typically best used for a herb bed. Preferably place it behind another tower so your scout tower won’t be easily targeted by enemies. Learn how to load a Scout Tower; as the active controller of the Scout Tower, you’ll have to know how to load Missile Guns and other items that you can’t pick up. (See Constructor 102 for details).

Remember pets and pilots can't pick up and use items. You are the only way they can normally heal! Pet has vampiric aura in some builds, but you're still the only one that they can rely on when really in trouble - unlike anyone that can use a potion or teleport to the ship for safety. Even pilot invisibility doesn't help against area of effect attacks!

You can use your healing to fuel abilities that are hit point related. For example, a Chaos Knight with Knowledge 10 can give up 50 health for 25 mana. You could keep your attention on a Chaos Knight to make sure the Chaos Knight is always near full health, so the Chaos Knight can effectively use more mana. Or, an archaeologist can give up health to use certain low level profession attack abilities; healing an archaeologist can give your group added firepower, which can be useful, say, if on the moon and out of grenades.

Healing World By World
On World 1 Earth, there is no reason to be a healer. Nobody should need it. On World 1 Moon, one player can be a crafter making medkits and grenades, and one or more other players can heal; between them, and a bit of running around, the group should be able to stay healthy.

If the group started on World 1 Earth, the end of World 1 is ideal to switch into Healer. After the boss dies and the player switches to Healer, they can heal targets that are standing around, then teleport to the ship to spam their Heal ability a bit between worlds. Also, at the end of World 1, a Marine can have Knowledge 10 Communicate, or a Chaos Knight the Knowledge 10 ability to pay 50 health for 25 mana. For a Marine, that means the healer can grab enemy targets at the start of world 2, and heal them, so there’s never a shortage of targets for heal. A Chaos Knight can use the health-for-mana ability to constantly spam healer abilities, using hit points for mana, then using the mana to heal self and others.

Choosing Knowledge
Go Knowledge first. Of the five professions, only Constructor and Healer find early Luck to be of little use, so only they can ideally get early Knowledge. Early Knowledge means early crafting, and power armors by the end of world 1 / start of world 2.

The secondary skill should be Accuracy for a Marine, or Defensive Skills for a Chaos Knight. Accuracy lets a Marine use a Neutron Gun. Defensive Skills for a Chaos Knight increases defense ability, which can be important as enemies gain in power. Templar should go with Offensive Aura.

Going Marine, Templar, or Chaos Knight
Marines are the only class that can make power armor, which the whole group will need for long-term survival.

Chaos Knights can craft healkits and various grenades. They are very durable on early worlds, so are particularly useful for groups that are deliberately going moon/venus (or for games with a lot of high rank players that have a good chance to go moon anyways).

Templar are a niche choice for groups of mixed skill. Very strong groups or very weak groups are better served by marines or chaos knights. Only when the group has little organization, but has some players with decent skill, is a templar the best choice for healer, especially as a dusty cloak should be discarded for power armor as soon as possible. If you want to be a templar, archaeologist is usually a far better bet as a profession.

How Many Healers Per Group Of Players?
None to begin with if on World 1 Earth. If on World 1 Moon, or on World 2+, at least one healer, possibly two healers if in a group of seven or more.

If You Think Your Group Is Strong:
Go marine or chaos knight Knowledge 10 , then up your accuracy if you’re a marine so you can tote a neutron gun, or up your Defensive ability as a Chaos Knight. Your Chaos Knight won’t be able to hit the flying enemies on World 2, but that’s an acceptable trade for the various abilities a Chaos Knight gains with Knowledge and the ability to wield the Sword of Wisdom (a mere 3000 gold which is not a problem with a good group). If you’re doing a hard run through (Moon/Venus/etc.), a Chaos Knight might go something other than Defensive Skills so you can hit air targets with an upgraded sword.

As usual, make sure your group has marine crafters if you decide to go Chaos Knight.

If You Think Your Group Is Weak:
Go marine or chaos knight Knowledge 10, then up your luck as a marine to help with successful crafting, and defensive ability as a chaos knight to help with surviving.

Knowledge crafter marines are great for really weak groups because they can get power armor. Be sure to use ore from the ship for possible gold bar sales and steel bars, as well as crafting of medkits and grenades as necessary. Try to make sure the more talented players (maybe even you) hold on to grenades, or you’ll have new players flinging them all over the place for no particular reason. :shock:

Chaos Knights are great for really weak groups because of the taunt ability that pulls enemies off your weaker buddies and onto you. Again, medkit and grenade crafting are a plus.

It's well and fine to follow the guidelines set here, but maxing out a party's potential depends on working together, with the ENTIRE group making regular trips to the ship to drop/sell gold bars, steel bars, coal, red herbs (in case there are a lot of red herb drops before the alchemist can process them), lodestone, nuclear waste, or whatever, and picking up stone, lumber, bandages, gunpowder, and teleport items to bring back to the surface. You can be a great healer, but if the party doesn't help keep blue herbs organized, bring gold ore and iron ore from the ship (or refine it themselves if they can), and generally try to help each other and everybody out, you’ll end up being the whipping boy with everybody yelling for power armor and neutron guns and blaming you for not healing them, even when they stayed at the far corners of the map to try to get more experience than the rest of the group.

Make sure to bring stone and lumber from the ship, and to ferry gold/steel/lodestone whatever back to the ship. This will make everyone’s job easier, so they can in turn make your job easier.

Although it's your job as a healer to heal, remember your crafting duties, as well as your other abilities! In particular, grenades aren’t “healing” items, but they can help keep a group alive on places like the moon. Power armor isn’t something that comes from healing, but it does help players stay alive! The taunt ability that’s used from the chaos knight’s inventory slot can pull enemies towards the chaos knight to help preserve allies. The chaos knight also has an attack that can stun and interrupt channeling spells of bosses, as well as inner fire and the ability to convert hit points to mana!

Also, make sure you mule items to the ship and back! Whenever you can!
Marines and Chaos Knights that go Knowledge can teleport to the ship for 10 mana in the worst case, so use that ability as you can. Be sure to tell your allies “Healer going to ship” if you’re in a dicey spot, like on world 3.

Bring nuclear waste or gold or lodestone or coal or red herbs (red herbs take a lot of mana to turn into potions, so an alchemist may not be able to turn them all into potions before world 1 ends), or whatever will be good to store on the ship. Bring stone, lumber, and teleport items back for the templar / chaos knights and marines that didn’t go Knowledge, and bandages at the beginning of world 1, gunpowder if on the moon, etc. Ferry items back and forth; it's everyone's job to mule a bit!

Even though a lot of these things are not directly a part of your job as a healer, all of these go to helping the team survive!

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 Post subject: Re: [Healer] 102 - After the Basics
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Healer is actually essential on World 1 if you have a lot of low levels, or a lot of people. But if you are few, then Healer is not needed on World 1 EU.

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